Winter 2017 Schedule


In our Winter 2017 Schedule, we are excited to be offering an expanded list of fun and rewarding STEM courses for students in grades K to 8.


Most of our Winter 2017 Schedule offerings are our standard month-long courses. We also have a special 8-week long course Advanced Robotics, that let us provide interested students a special, tailored sequence of instruction.


Advanced Robotics run from January 12 to March 9
We also have a special 4-week VEX robotics course that we will be offering each month for students who have mastered the basics of the LEGO robotics systems.


Our advanced robotics students now have the option of taking our 4-week eV3 or VEX courses or our 8-week course that lets them undertake more involved projects with either system.

Enjoy a monthly K’NEX Maker Lab course that features a different construction theme each month. We also have the new App Development course part of our Code Academy offering.

This Winter 2017 Schedule, we have again dedicated specific days of the week to each of our course areas:


Tuesday: Code Academy and Video GameMaker
Wednesday: Chess and Minecraft Mania!
Thursday: Maker Lab and Robotics
Friday: Minecraft Mania!
All month-long (4-week) courses are $60 each. All 8-week courses are $120 each.

Winter 2017 Schedule



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