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What are the benefits of learning robotics ?

Not only can robotics courses be immensely fun for children, but it helps them develop crucial skills. While your child is having a blast creating and controlling robots, you’ll know he or she is learning practical STEM skills!

Robotics involves creative and challenging activities that encourage a love of science, technology and engineering at a young age. These interactive exercises engage kids’ hands, as well as their minds — great for children who learn in different ways.

What do your children get out of our robotics program?

We have a special interest in robotics, and as a result, we work diligently to build the most useful and fun robotics courses for your children. We conduct our robotics program throughout the year. This program consists of a series of courses for students in Pre-K to grade 8.

These robotics courses are designed both for students who want to learn about this fascinating field, as well as for students who want to continue to explore the subject in more depth. We keep you up-to-speed on the robotics and STEM skills your child is learning and what to expect next.

How do the courses work?

During the school year we offer a rotating series of month-long courses that each meet once a week. Over the summer we run similar week-long courses that meet for two hours each day.

We provide a range of courses tailored for every place on the spectrum of robotics experience from new beginners to more advanced students.

Check out our courses for current and upcoming offerings.

What do the students learn?

Students are introduced to the basics of robotics while working hands-on with various robotic systems.These include: the LEGO WeDo, Mindstorms NXT, EV3 systems, and the VEX IQ system.

These systems are based on each individual child’s level of experience. Students will learn to design and construct different kinds of robots, and then learn how to use computers to teach them to move, react, and solve various challenges.

We have developed a curriculum that takes students through four different levels of robotics. These levels are:

  • Junior Robotics: WeDo
  • Level I: Mindstorms
  • Level II: Mindstorms NXT
  • Level III: EV3
  • Level IV: VEX and Advanced/Special Projects


Non Competitive robotics team

Team of 4 to 8 students research a real STEM problem and develop a solution that involves designing, building and programming a robot.

As they progress through our curriculum, students first take the Intro course at each level. They then can take other courses at this level as well as proceed to the next higher level.

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