KODU Game Lab

What is our Video GameMaker program, Kodu Game Lab?

Our Video GameMaker program, Kodu Game Lab lets students become producers as well as consumers of these widely played games. This Kodu Game Lab program consists of a series of courses for students in grades 1 to 8 offered throughout the year.

How do the courses work?

During the school year we offer a rotating series of month-long classes that each meet once a week. Over the summer we run similar week-long courses that meet for several hours each day.

What do the students learn?

Students are introduced to the basics of game development while learning to use Kodu gamemaking software. This software uses a visual programming language designed to be accessible to children and made specifically for creating games.

Kodu’s various capabilities enable students to develop and program a wide range of inventive and visually interesting games that are played in a 3-D world.

We have developed a curriculum that takes students through 4 different levels of game-making skill. These levels are:

  • Level I: Single Player Games
  • Level II: Multiplayer Games
  • Level III: Multilevel Games
  • Level IV: Advanced/Special Projects

As they progress through our curriculum, students first take the Intro course at each level. They then can take other courses at this level as well as proceed to the next higher level.