Anisha K.

My son has enjoyed classes here throughout the school year over the past few years. He has taken the Robotics course several times and has loved it each time. He has also had the chance to try Coding and Makey Makey and enjoyed those as well. The staff members are all wonderful. I would highly recommend MLC as a great place to learn and create through hands on activities.

Kelly P.

“My 3 year old daughter attends the Little Engineers classes. She loves it and talks about going to “science class” all the time. I’m very happy with the classes and to see my daughter’s excitement each week is a thrill! We will continue to sign up for Little Engineers! I highly recommend it!”


“My son currently takes 2 classes at MLC and absolutely loves it. I never have to coax him to go to class because he always wants to go! In addition to classes he has attended summer camp and had his birthday party at MLC. Clearly we love it at MLC! The physical space is clean, organized, open, and bright. The counselors are attentive and enthusiastic, and Christiane, the owner/director, is always present, involved, and approachable. The pride and sense of accomplishment my son feels after presenting his robot is pricelessI look forward to watching my son grow through the curriculum […]

Ulrike L.

“My son loves going here and always comes home excited to tell us what he learned. I love the team, they are very helpful and responsive. Location is great”

Hala G.

“Great place for the kids to learn coding and re engineering. Definitely sparked my kids’ interest.”

Summer Camp

Zineb B.

Best camp of this summer according to my 8 year old! Educational and entertaining at once. We’ll certainly be back during the school year for chess, robotics and coding.

Ozi O.

My kids had a fabulous time at MLC STEM camp this week June 27th – July 1st. They took Robotics and Makey Makey, and really had a great time creating robots that they designed. They also created instruments and computer games using circuits. A great way to stimulate their minds during the summer.

Sonia W.

My son loves coming there to play and is always telling us about all the fun he had at MLC. He does it each year and he hasn’t gotten tired of it. MLC is one of the only local places to play chess and he loves the variety of kids he gets to play with. the easy going atmosphere is also a great way to spend the afternoon. So glad Chess will be available in the fall.

Cee B.

My son who is 3 yrs old attended the STEM summer camp and I’ve never seen him learn so much in such a short period in comparison to his daycare. He is continuing with the little engineer program and I am looking forward for him in learning more and having fun. I totally Recommend this place.

Jamillah L.

“My daughter attended MLC’s camp for 3 weeks this summer. She loved creating her own animation. She also enjoyed team building. She had a fun time playing outdoor games and cheering on her friends in team building. I highly recommend this camp a great mix of learning and fun.”

Yogi C.

“The staff is truly caring and provide exceptional services at the summer camp. Every kid has been given personal attention and they are very welcoming in the morning to greet the kids and always carry the smile that makes you feel that your child is in the safe hands. My daughter had a great summer camp this year because of the best activities provided at the summer camp and their care. I must say its the best summer camp in north jersey.”

Mary W.

“Every summer we look forward to MLC’s constantly-evolving camp program! We love the challenging and cutting-edge STEM offerings which are taught in a comfortable, fun, challenging and inspirational environment. Whether doing a full day or a half day, there is a perfect balance of hard work and fun with independence and oversight. The individual weekly programs allow for an a la carte smattering or a full summer experience. It is always an exciting and rewarding adventure.”

Jason M.

“My kids attended summer camp and really loved it. I wanted them to know that science, math, and technology can be fun, and MLC proved it!”

Danit W.

“This was our first summer at the MLC camp. My 8 1/2 year-old son had the best time! Classes are exciting, interesting and challenging. The counselors are fantastic.”

Laura S.

“Summer camp was fantastic for my two science loving boys – space, reverse engineering, robotics, and minecraft – great job MLC!”

Janice B.

“N. had several camps this summer and hands down this MLC camp was his favorite.”

Birthday Parties

Thalia P.

I had my son’s birthday party here for about thirty 5 year olds. It was an amazing experience for the kids, particularly the science experiment table. Even the adults were impressed. Overall, everything went smoothly and the staff was very personable, professional, and went the extra mile to ensure that the event was a success. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again in the future.

Kara F.

We celebrated my daughter’s seventh birthday at MLC’s new space with a Minecraft party, and she loved it. Christiane and her team instructors were completely prepared and helpful, and all of the kids–whether or not they knew how to play–had a great time. MLC took care of everything for us, it was easy. Our daughter also loves the classes!

Michelle K.

Just had my daughter’s fabulous 9th birthday party here. We had a fun, interactive “spa science” day with bath bombs, scrubs, and lip balm. Girls loved it!!!

Kim W.

“Can’t say enough good things about MLC. The staff was AMAZING — professional, friendly, efficient and fantastic with the kids. My son and his friends had a blast making their own 3D video games — and the staff even helped me entertain my 2-year-old daughter, which was a huge plus!! Everything was beautifully setup and the party ran smoothly from start to finish so I was actually able to just enjoy and take pictures! I’d recommend MLC to any parents looking for a creative, fun venue for their child’s party!”

Michelle J.

“This is one of the BEST Birthday Parties we’ve ever had. My son had his 6th birthday party at MLC. All the kids loved it. One of the best things about the party is that it had so many engaging activities for all the kids. Everyone, got to make something and take something home. I was questioning whether or not a science/tech type of party would even be interesting to a bunch of 6 yr old kids. Gotta’ say, THEY LOVED IT!”

Meredith L.

“We had my child’s 8th birthday party there: Minecraft Mania, and it was amazing! The kids absolutely loved every minute of it. Christiane is a party goddess, providing absolutely everything we needed. The only decision I had to make was what type of cake icing and colors to use. All the other parents were impressed with how well it was all run. For kids who had never played Minecraft before, there were several instructors on hand to help out, as well as table games and toys for kids who didn’t want to play Minecraft. Christiane is super cool and very […]

S. A.

“We had my daughter’s 5th birthday party here and couldn’t have been happier. Christiane was an absolute pleasure to work with – she was responsive, accommodating, friendly, and very attentive to the needs of the party, from whether everyone was having fun to whether the temperature was comfortable enough. She handled all the details and made it completely stress free for us as parents. Highly recommend and can’t wait to do more parties here over the years!”

Jen Z.

We had my son’s birthday party there. They did such a great job with his birthday party that an attendee booked his own party at MLC. By far the easiest party we’ve ever had (and we have 3 children!).

Gabrielle O.

“We had our daughter’s 6th birthday party here. The staff was so helpful in the set up and planning: they took care of everything, from the decorations and favors to helping the kids with the experiments.”

Aurora L.

My daughter is very much into STEM items!! Having her friends at her party and the remote car challenge was just amazing and they all LOVED it!! Everyone had a GREAT time!

Sarah M.

“We had a fantastic experience with our son’s 7th birthday party at MLC last month. All of the staff were friendly and engaging. They kept over 30 kids entertained throughout the party, and the atmosphere remained fun and in-control at all times. I would highly recommend MLC for a birthday party or classes!”

P Patel

“We had our son and daughter’s Birthday Party at the MLC. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The children loved the science experiments and circuits, while the adults loved the detail / quality of the decor and favor bags. Thank you MLC for giving us a truly unique and memorable STEM themed Birthday Party!”

Kristen K.

“Such an amazing experience at Montclair Learning Center. Our son’s 7th birthday was more than perfect!! A huge thank you the entire staff for making his birthday so special. Highly recommended!”

Renee W.

I had my son’s 5th birthday here last Saturday and it was awesome! This STEM themed party exceeded my expectations in every way. My son had his best birthday party yet. He loves tinkering and creating and all the activities were so much fun for him. All the guests told me they loved the party because it was so unique and creative with 4 different fun stations to choose from all the children had a blast.

David A.

“My daughter had her 4th birthday here and my wife and I were delighted by the experience as were all of the other parents in attendance. Most importantly, my daughter had a great and memorable time. The kids were mentally stimulated. The staff was attentive and kind. They took care of most of our needs including food, Moana themed tableware and making sure that each and every kid had a good time while there. This place is a gem and takes kids birthday parties to a new level, while still being affordable. I highly recommend Montclair Learning Center.”

Silvia H.

“I highly recommend MLC for a science themed birthday party. I had 10 6-7 year olds and they all had a fantastic time. The instructors were engaging and fun. The kids loved the slime making and dry ice the best. MLC does everything- from running the experiments, decorating the space, putting together goody bags to helping with cake cutting and clean up. It was wonderful to actually enjoy the birthday party. Thank you MLC.”

Josephine A.

“We had our daughter’s 8th birthday party here this past weekend and we had such a wonderful experience! The kids had a blast doing the experiments and my husband and I enjoyed not having to work so hard for our child’s birthday party for the first time since her first birthday. MLC took care of almost everything and they were such a pleasure to deal with!”

Cheryl B.

“Our granddaughter’s 6th birthday party was held here. We couldn’t ask for a better experience! The children were kept busy with interesting experiments; the staff made sure every child was engaged provided great favors, cupcakes and decorations. I’m a retired teacher and I highly recommend MLC for a party, camp or classes. They’re very professional.”

Susie C.

“We had our son’s 5th birthday party at the Montclair Learning Center. Al the staff working with us at the party were fantastic. The children at the party were so engaged and interested in the robot building project we picked.”

Liz K.

“MLC took care of everything for my twins’ 7th birthday party at MLC, so I could just relax and enjoy it! The kids had a blast with science experiments, building circuits, and space crafting. They especially loved the erupting volcanoes! I would highly recommend MLC for a party”

Special Programs

Richard M.

MLC hosted our Boy Scout Den for a STEM-themed meeting and it was great! The staff planned out several activities the boys loved, including constructing and programming robots, which helped the scouts achieve one of their requirements for progression. It was hard dragging the boys away at the end of the day! I highly recommend Montclair Learning Center for scouts and any other groups that want to engage children with fun activities that teach and engage!

Chris V.

“Took my Girl Scout troop here today and I can not recommend this place enough! The girls had a blast and the staff was great! Hats off to the staff on spending time with the kids tinkering, teaching , building and showing them the importance of STEM!!”